Petit Batik, since 2008



Petit Batik - Traditional Batik for Modern Kids

Petit Batik began in 2008 in Sydney, Australia a few months after I formed a love affair for the traditional hand-stamped batik textile fabrics and designs I discovered during a hot and adventurous furniture buying trip through Central Java with my husband.

Having already become frustrated at the mass-produced 'pink for girls and blue for boys' clothing on the market for my small children, I decided to source the traditional batik fabrics and make them into comfortable, wearable and easy to wash children's clothing. Anyone with small children will tell you how important it is to have them in clothing that is fuss-free, doesn't show the dirt, AND looks good. 

All Petit Batik's textiles and designs are derived from Batik cooperatives in Central Java, and they have all been made by hand with a copper printing block dipped in hot wax and then stamped onto 100% cotton fabric. When the cotton is dyed the pattern is 'resisted' by the wax. Because of the hand made nature of the designs there are sometimes inconsistencies in the pattern, but these only add to the outcome.

The batik making process puts the fabric through a gruelling amount of dying, boiling and washing, which makes for a hearty end product indeed - our clothing is incredibly fade resistant, and our clothing will not shrink or stretch. 

It has been some eight years since embarking on Petit Batik. There have been market stalls, blogs, wonderful wholesale customers, and numerous garden party sales.... I hope you can find something here for that special little person in your life. 

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